Bringing Independence to Children

Grants For Families And Professionals Involved With Children
With Disabilities

Parents/guardians and professionals involved in the care of a child (under 21) with disabilities who reside within a 50 mile radius of Saratoga Springs are eligible to apply for funding from the Foundation.

Grants are awarded based on need and level of funds available at the time of review. In the past, grants have been awarded to families with children who have experienced birth related traumas, neurological impairments, musculoskeletal disorders, acquired brain injury, congenital anomalies, and metabolic & growth disorders.

Essential components of the application include:

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Applications will be accepted by mail or fax and all sections must be complete and legible prior to Board review.

Application Review

The process of grant recipient selection requires the sharing of sensitive medical and financial information with the Foundation Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Panel, who pledge that this information will be held in the strictest of confidence. Applications are reviewed during Foundation Board meetings which are held monthly.

Examples of Past Grants

Adaptive Equipment Including:

Specialized Treatment Including: